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Message from Marci Burke, ICD–10 Program Director.

ICD-10 implementation is scheduled for October 15, 2015. This fall and winter, the ICD-10 team is focused on Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) by offering in-person training sessions that apply to both ICD-9 and ICD-10 at our Acute facilities and many of our Ambulatory clinics. There is a direct correlation between improving CDI and implementing ICD-10 coding requirements. Improved clinical documentation advances quality of care; assures compliance with CMS regulations and drives revenue—ensuring physicians and facilities get paid correctly for the work and complexity of care they provide.

The ICD-10 team is working with PFS and PAS teams to streamline processes and create job aids to ensure readiness; providing coders with education and coding practice; and ensuring the corporate-driven systems and reports are remediated. In addition, we are scheduling ICD-10 Workshops with each Service Area to provide facilities with tools and roadmaps to assist with locally managed systems and reports that need remediated on a local level for the transition.

Thank you for your support of the ICD-10 program.

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