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Message from Marci Burke
ICD–10 Program Director

The ICD-10 team recently met with acute and ambulatory leadership, Optum360 representatives, and local IT leaders at each Service Area to discuss readiness for ICD-10.

Ensuring provider engagement was one of the primary topics of discussion in our workshops-as physician involvement is crucial to successful ICD-10 implementation.

Dr. Anita Chandrasena, our newly appointed ICD-10 Thought Leadership Provider Clinical Lead, led discussions on Clinical Documentation Improvement education opportunities for providers as well as future ICD-10 specific trainings. She also shared great news regarding the availability of a mobile app, called the ICD-10 Virtual Codebook, which will be available free to physicians who attend educational sessions. Our ICD-10 Physician Champion will be sharing information on in the near future regarding these items.

In addition, the workshop highlighted roles and responsibilities relating to ICD-10 updates to systems, reports and forms-with detailed discussion regarding what is being remediated at a corporate level and which systems, forms and reports need to be remediated at the site level.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ICD-10 team at ICD-10@DignityHealth.org.